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That person-sized joint, tho...

Damn, talk about gettin down to business... she handled him like a BRIEFCASE!

Am I allowed to give this a 6? I mean dayum that was well done!

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It's all 'round pretty good. I really like the synths you used for the melody, and I thought it was a pretty cool break beat.

Still, I think the master volume's too high, and your drums could use a bit less compression. I'd also like to hear the bass a bit more clearly (maybe tweak its volume up a tad and then lower the master?).

So, all around, I'd say great riff/melody and well-looped. It's a really seamless transition. Just fix the EQ a bit, and I'd give it an easy 5.

It's a bird! It's a plane! No wait, it's 0:37 seconds of wicked adventure intro!

Dude, purely as an intro, that was [several expletives deleted]ing phenomenal. Flawless levels across the board, great melody, and some really awesome staccato strings. Just great.

Just too bad it was over faster than... a speeding bullet

CaptinEpic responds:

Thank you very much for the kind words T-Rebel. I might possibly add on to this one.

The piano intro was great, but those strings sound bit too loud, making it really hard to hear. Also, the strings somehow sound a bit too crisp, unrealistically so. I think I'd dial the volume and the attack back on those a little bit (assuming they're a synth and not sampled). Also the beat was a bit odd -- especially for a classical piece. I think I'd take it out altogether, or replace it with timpani maybe?

I really liked the melody you put together. And aside from the beat I thought everything was more-or-less on point. It does need some EQ work, though -- first to tone back the strings, and second to bring the piano out a bit more.

AzuMulu responds:

Thanks for the review! About the beat, I really don't have a clue how to properly use timpani. And I'm unfamiliar with making beats in 3/4 time in general. Do you know any where that talks about using timpani and percussion in 3/4? It'd be very helpful, thanks :)

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Ominus and Awesome

That child's face seems to know things it shouldn't at such a young age. I get the feeling that this child blames me for her circumstance. Something about the background (maybe the direction of the lighting and the red?) suggests imminent danger.

It's very discomforting, but very well executed.

Pretty good...

Hairstyle is flawless. Also, I like the decision to go without feet, keeps it a bit minimalist and evokes that this is a 'dream girl'.

The shins both point inwards... it look like a pigeon-toed stance, but the left knee isn't bent; so somehow it seems awkward. Also, you have that sexy-V crotch thing going, but the angle of her right thigh makes it look misaligned; it looks properly aligned on the other leg, though.

The torso's great with the single exception of her collar bones; they seem a bit too long and defined.Thing is, the collar bones as you have them are a head-on view, while her left arm's shading suggests that she's slightly in profile. I think if you'd just had one jutting in from her right shoulder, you'd have that slight profile you were going for.

I really like the facial expression with the wink; great job making that look natural. Winks are often tough to pull off.

Nice work!

Awesome torso & hair. Those damn schoolgirl shirts were always the bane of my existence, so congrats on a job well done there. The coif's got a perfect "droop" to it, so that it looks light but not fake.

but those sausage legs kinda throw me... I don't know how I would have done them differently exactly, but somehow those just stick out as awkward to me. The only vague suggestions from me would be to make them a bit thinner and shorter, and to bring the knee caps a bit higher (or make the boots longer up the legs?).

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